SF Mayor London Breed issues emergency declaration over coronavirus

On Tuesday, San Francisco Mayor London Breed issued an emergency declaration for the novel coronavirus as it continues to spread. 

Though there a no confirmed cases of the COVID-19 among San Francisco residents, city officials want to step up preparedness.

The declaration will mobilize city resources to accelerate emergency planning, streamline staffing and allow for reimbursement by state and federal governments. 

As the number of cases in the U.S. continues to grow, there are concerns that the virus could reach San Francisco. 

Officials said they want to act now rather than later if a case arises in the city. 

"Given the volume of travel between San Francisco and mainland China and the spread of the virus to other countries there is a growing likelihood that we will see cases in San Francisco," said Dr. Grant Colfax, director of the San Francisco Public Health Department. 

Across the Bay, Contra Costa County health officials confirmed that they are treating two confirmed cases of the coronavirus. 

Both patients were transported from Travis Air Force Base where they had been under quarantine since being evacuated off of a Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. 

The patients are receiving care in Contra Costa County because of a lack of facilities that can properly isolate those patients closer to the base. 

San Francisco officials said there are still no recommendations to avoid public gatherings, however, they are warning against an apparent rise in racial tensions aimed at members of the Asian American community. 

City leaders said some Asian Americans feel they are under undue scrutiny every time they clear their throat. 

They again stressed that the coronavirus is not tied to any one ethnic group.