SF mayoral candidate interviews

Eight people vie to be San Francisco's next mayor in the June 2018 primary election. 

We sit down to talk with the eight candidates vying to be the next mayor of San Francisco when voters go to the polls in June. 

Name: Angela Alioto 
Age: 68
Occupation: Civil rights attorney
Political experience: Former president of the SF Board of Supervisors
Three major issues: homelessness, clean streets and housing affordability 

Name:  Michelle Bravo 
Age: 47
Occupation: Holistic health practitioner 
Political experience:  Former student representative to the San Francisco School Board
Three major issues:  transients, transportation, housing          

Name:  London Breed 
Age: 43
Occupation: President, SF Board of Supervisors
Political experience:  Acting mayor; president, Board of Supervisors; District 5 Supervisor; fire commissioner; Redevelopment Agency Commission; African-American Arts and Culture Complex, executive director; Treasure Island Development Authority, director of leasing and commission secretary
Three major issues: homelessness, affordable housing, property crime

Name: Richie Greenberg
Age: 55
Occupation: Startup advisor
Political experience: Ran for Supervisor District 1, 2015/2016
Three major issues: auto break-ins/crime, homelessness, affordability housing

Name: Jane Kim
Age: 40
Occupation: District 6 Supervisor
Political Experience: Supervisor (2011 - Present); San Francisco Board of Education Member (2007 - 2011); San Francisco Board of Education President (2010 - 2011)
Three major issues: homelessness, clean streets, quality education and schools

Name: Mark Leno
Age: 66
Occupation: Small business owner, former state senator
 Political Experience: San Francisco Board of Supervisors, 1998-2002; California State Assembly, 2002-2008; California State Senate, 2008-2016
Three major issues: homelessness, housing and clean streets. 

Name: Amy Farah Weiss
Age: 41
Occupation: Founder/director of SaintFrancisChallenge.org
Political Experience: Mayoral candidate 2015, founded Neighbors Developing Divisadero and formed Safe Organized Spaces 
Three major issues: homelessness, affordable housing, Central SoMa Plan 

Name:    Ellen Lee Zhou  
Age: 48  
Occupation: Family social worker
Political Experience: Ran for Union Representative, current bargaining team member for SEIU1021 for public workers, ran for student leadership while in college, received Student Leadership Award and scholarship from San Francisco State University.
Three major issues: public corruption, housing crisis, sanctuary city status 

Write-in candidate

Name: Antione Rogers

Age: 56
Occupation: Disabled laborer/self employed
Political Experience: Community organizing volunteer, observer and voter
Three major issues: Ensure that 50% of city awarded construction projects workforce consist of San Francisco residents . Set aside jobs for homeless citizens. Encourage supportive mental health and hospital care for homeless.