SF Sheriff's deputies shoot, kill dog while serving warrant; suspect injured

An attempt to serve a warrant in San Francisco turned very dangerous when a sheriff's deputy felt the need to discharge a firearm during the confrontation.

The Broadway, an apartment-Single Resident Only (SRO) hotel near Broadway and Polk Streets, was lined Thursday morning with sheriff's deputies vehicles.

“At approximately 11:30 a.m. today, our deputies attempted to serve a no bail warrant on an individual on the 2000 block of Polk Street,” said SF Sheriff's Spokeswoman Nancy Crowley. 

The sheriff's spokeswoman said the deputies also encountered what they say was an aggressive dog.

 “A shot was fired. The suspect was wounded, we don't know how; if it was a gunshot or it may have been the dog. The dog was wounded as well and expired. The suspect is at the hospital right now being treated for non-life threatening injuries. No deputies were hurt,” said Ms. Crowley.

An Animal Control van came to take the dead dog away. Neighbors in the building said the dog, Sadie, was not aggressive.

The whole incident is now under a required investigation. “I believe that the Department of Police Accountability is on its way, the District Attorney, the San Francisco Police Department as well as out Criminal Investigation Unit are on the scene investigating the situation,” Crowley said.

San Francisco investigators were also involved, largely because a gun was discharged.