Sharks fan Frank Somerville loses bet with 'humiliating' results

KTVU's Frank Somerville is a good sport! He made a bet with our director Melissa Garcia that resulted in "humiliation." 

Somerville - the biggest Sharks fan we know - had to wear a Kings shirt in the 6 p.m. newscast Monday during the sports segment. 

Here's what Frank wrote: 

"So tonight it was time for me to pay up on the bet I made recently with our director Melissa Sass (Garcia).

I bet her that the Sharks would be the Vegas Golden Knights.

Since I lost, I had to wear an L.A. Kings shirt 'on the air' during the sports segment on our 6 p.m. newscast. How humiliating.

Melissa is a huge L.A Kings fan.

I can’t stand the Kings.

I’m Sharks all the way.

I’m so bummed that they lost to Vegas.

If they had won, Melissa would have had to wear my sweaty Sharks jersey with my name on the back, all day at work.

Enjoy your picture Melissa.

This is the LAST time you'll ever see me wearing ANYTHING that says Kings!"

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