Shelter in place lifted in Pittsburg after hazardous materials incident

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A shelter in place was lifted around 3:07 p.m. after the Contra Costa County Fire Department responded to a hazardous chemicals emergency in Pittsburg.

According to the Contra Costa County Fire Department, someone reported an odor coming from two tank cars in a rail yard. The incident was reported at 12:30 p.m. 

The fire department said it alerted residents of the shelter in place through community warning sirens. The affected area included North Parkside Drive south to West 17th Street and from Jimno Avenue west to Andrew Avenue. 

Residents in the area were advised to stay inside and close all windows and doors, turn off all heaters, air conditioners, and fans and close fireplace dampers and vents. 

Updated information from the Contra Costa County Community Warning System can be found here