Shocking double shooting in Napa Wednesday morning

Napa, the world famous capitol of Wine County, got a rude awakening Wednesday at none other than a coffee shop. An apparent, but still unconfirmed, shooting spree began 8:20 a.m. in the parking lot of the Starbucks at Lincoln Ave. and Jefferson St, leaving a twenty-something-year-old victim laying and bleeding.  

"All of a sudden I see cars just swarm in, cop cars, with their guns drawn,” said Dale Shimel a gas station attendant. “So I just went out there and saw the commotion.”

Since the shooter had already fled, police immediately closed the road, cordoned off Starbucks and locked down Napa High School just across the street. Shimel says he saw a newspaper man who illustrated the scene.

"Two men were outside, jawing outside their car and one man goes inside and grabs a coffee.  Witnesses say that there was no arguing. Then the man comes out and the other man waiting for him pulls out a gun and shoots him twice in the gut," said Shimel, recalling what the witness shared. 

KTVU asked him if he heard bullets and Shimel said, "Nothing. It must have been a small weapon of some sort because I didn't hear and thing and I'm literally right across the street."

Police have many leads. "There were a lot of witnesses there that did see parts of the incident and did have contact with the victim," said Napa Police Capt. Pat Manzer.    

Manzer added that 90 minutes later, police got another nearby shooting call. 

"We are investigating a second shooting that happened at about 10:00 a.m. in the area of Baywood Lane and Southerland Park and, again, in the city,”said Captain Manzer.

“In reference to that shooting, we do have somebody in custody and we are looking at any relation between the first victim and that person. We are talking or trying to talk to the person we have in custody -- from the second shooting – in order to determine if these two things are related.”

For Napa, this is just as or more disturbing than recent earthquakes and fires. 

"Very surprising. Usually, we deal with only fist fights and the occasional stabbing, robbery,” said Shimel. “Never a shooting, ever -- and that kind of concerns me where this town is going.” 

Officer Manzer echoed the Shimel’s sentiment, adding that two incidents like this just 90 minutes apart is very unusual. 

The victim has not yet been identified and there is no status of his condition.