Shots fired during attempted home invasion in Oakland

Surveillance video caught a home invasion attempt that ended with shots fired at an East Oakland home where several residents were inside.

Video shows a man using a crowbar to try to break into the home. He's soon joined by a second man who points a gun at the front door.

Several other men stand guard on the driveway.

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Ken Johnson was awakened by the noise.

"I looked out the balcony and somebody, a guy was pointing a gun at me. So I retreated back into the house," Johnon said.

It happened at about 4 a.m. Feb. 4 on Minna Avenue in Oakland's Allendale neighborhood.

Johnson's nephew pounded on a door inside his room to make clear there were people inside.

"Which they mistakenly thought were gunshots. So that's what scared them off," Johnson said.

Video shows the group running off and heading toward their cars.

But one man runs back and takes out his gun.

"I think he was covering the person at the door who dropped his crowbar," Johnson said. 

Johnson's nephew had already called 911. 

The cars drive off, but not before someone fired at least four shots.

You can see debris falling in front of the camera.

"They started firing gunshots into the house. Now we were on the 911 call at that time, which the 911 operator heard, and so they sent police right away," Johnson said.

No one was hurt, but Johnson found rounds from a 9mm handgun lodged in a closet as well as an old football helmet.

Johnson's home is ringed with security cameras because of a previous break-in.

"I think when they see the cameras, they think we have something to protect, but really what we're trying to protect is ourselves," Johnson said.

He thinks there's another motivation: marijuana.

"I believe there's somebody growing marijuana around here, as well, so I believe they mistakenly believed we were those people," he said.

Video shows several cars pulling up to his home. Similar car caravans have been targeting Bay Area cannabis businesses for years now.

Just Monday night, Oakland police made one arrest and seized two guns after a marijuana business was burglarized near East 10th Street and 29th Avenue.