Sideshow reported in Oakland during police crackdown

Oakland police are stepping up enforcement to stop violent and dangerous sideshows, even as one took place Saturday night at  90th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard.

Police have not officially released any information, but earlier last week, they said they would have dedicated teams on the lookout for sideshows. 

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Officers also said they were planning on going to the homes of the people participating in sideshows, and tow their cars.

"The city of Oakland continues to see violent and dangerous sideshow activity throughout our community," Asst. Chief Darren Allison said on a department video. "The sideshow activity has included reckless and unsafe driving, vandalism, property damage physical assaults gun fire and injuries. Participants in sideshows threaten the safety of our neighborhoods business districts and communities."

Since officers began this most recent crackdown on sideshow activity the department says 70 vehicles have been impounded, 18 people have been arrested, and several firearms have been recovered.