Sinkhole closes 2 lanes of westbound Montague Expressway in Milpitas

Photo: Santa Clara County Office of Public Affairs

A sinkhole has closed two westbound lanes of Montague Expressway in Milpitas and might close a third lane if it continues to grow, Santa Clara County officials reported Friday evening.

The sinkhole was reported at 5 p.m. and the closure will last through the weekend into next week. County spokeswoman Marina Hinestrosa said a measurement isn't available for the sinkhole, but it is of a "considerable size" if three lanes may be closed.

Drivers are being rerouted and westbound commuters can turn right on Great Mall Parkway to East Tasman Drive to connect to their destination.

Hinestrosa said Waze and Google Maps may be the best applications to find alternate routes. The county has not released information regarding a cause for the sinkhole.