Sliding scale parking meter program could range from $8 to 50 centers an hour in San Francisco

A sliding-scale parking system could cost drivers anywhere between $8 to 50 cents an hour according to a new pay-on-demand system being considered by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

It’s called “demand-responsive” pricing and operates under the premise that the higher the meter rates, the quicker people will free up spaces, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The pricing all depends on the volume of parking. High traffic areas – and higher prices - include neighborhoods like the Marina and the Fillmore.

Supervisor Jeff Sheehy blasted the plan as a financial hit on already stretched middle- and working-class families.

“The only ones who will benefit will be ride shares like Lyft and Uber, who will become even more attractive to use,” Sheehy told the Chronicle.

The plan goes to the SFMTA board on Oct. 17. If approved, the new rates could go into effect later this year. Rates would be adjusted every three months.