Sonoma County: Two brothers dead in apparent overdose

Two brothers found dead in Sonoma County died of apparent drug overdoses, authorities say. 

The men were discovered in a barn on Starr Road on the outskirts of Windsor. 

They have been identified as Hector Garcia, 37, and Juan Garcia, 31. 

"It's tragic, sad to hear two people died," said neighbor Billy Forrest, who did not know the men, but became aware of law enforcement converging on the vineyard property shortly after 8 am. 

"This is kind of a sleepy, quiet town, there's some industry, and obviously the wine industry," said Forrest. 

The victims' father made the devastating discovery. 

"The father went to where the sons were apparently working and found them deceased," said Sgt. Justin Haugen, of the Sonoma County Sheriff's- Coroners Office. 

"Our condolences to the family for their loss," continued Haugen. 
"It's obviously a very difficult thing to lose two family members, especially as young as these two were."

There was nothing arriving paramedics, or the fire department, could do. 

Violent Crimes investigators from the Sheriff's Department were summoned, but quickly concluded what happened. 

Drugs and drug paraphernalia were found at the scene.     

"There was no outward injury, no sign of foul play or suspicion, it was readily apparent this was a drug overdose," said Haugen.

Through the morning, other relatives arrives at the scene, making no comment as they absorbed a heartbreaking loss. 

Monday evening, more cars crowded the entry to the 20-acre parcel at 9000 Starr Road, but visitors declined to comment about the two men. 

"We're pretty much a sleepy suburb with a school right here," said neighbor Leonard Robel, pausing while walking his dog. 

The rural location surprised Robel, but the overdoses did not. 

"Look at the news, everything is in chaos," he said. "People died of a drug overdose, but that happens every day, the difference is I don't hear about it." 

The agricultural property consists of barns and outbuildings, but no residence. 

Haugen says it's unclear how long the brothers had been at the barn, and what drugs were involved.  

Toxicology results, expected in 2-3 months, will determine exact cause of death.