Sonoma County wineries, breweries can reopen more tasting rooms

Wine reportedly leaked from a silo into water pipes. The pressure was so great, it displaced the local water supply.(Photo by FRED DUFOUR/AFP via Getty Images)

Sonoma County alloed wineries and breweries to open tasting rooms without serving food.

The county's revision to its heath order went into effect on Friday, the same day California Gov. Gavin Newsom is easing restrictions. 

In May, some Sonoma County wineries were given permission to reopen tasting rooms but they had to serve food as well.

Under the county's modified order, patrons can indulge in a tall glass of wine without the extras. 

While California forgoed the food requirement, it recommends that wineries provide a clean glass for each tasting and, if possible, do not pour beverages into a glass that a customer has already used. The state also suggests ending the use of communal dump buckets and spit buckets. Instead provide disposable cups to each guest to avoid splash contamination.