South Bay residents looking for relief as temps soar into the 90s

For the second consecutive day, high temperatures are prompting an advisory from the National Weather Service. The thermometer reading is approaching triple digits in some places, including the South Bay.

Priscilla Dixon brought her granddaughter to the fountains at Cesar Chavez park, as the mercury reached 95 degrees by mid-afternoon.

"We came all the way down here [from Hayward] to get wet. Cause it's hot! It's so hot," said Dixon

The end of the week sees a continuation of September sizzle. Temperatures in the South Bay near 90 degrees early on, and by late afternoon flirting with triple digits. The City of San Jose has opened all 11 of its cooling centers, with five extending hours until well after sundown.

Meteorologist Doctor Alison Bridger says the jet stream is shifting, and sending the thermometer up and then down next week. 

"When it buckles upwards, we're under fair weather or hot weather or dry weather. And when it buckles downward that's when we say a trough is coming and we get much cooler weather," she said.

Before the cool, potentially killer heat, prompting the National Weather Service to issue a heat advisory.

"It can be dangerous, especially for some of our more vulnerable population – seniors, children, and the unhoused," said Carolina Camarena, a spokeswoman for the San Jose Department of Parks, Recreation, & Neighborhood Services.

Ten miles away in Sunnyvale, Rodney Moy and his pooch, "Youngster," are bracing for a steamy night. This, after air conditioner problems at the HomeFirst shelter forced staffers to resort to fans. 

"It's definitely kind of a warm, humid, climate. And I think central air would be perfect in there. They have everything else in there accept that," said Moy.

Moy is poised to move into his own apartment in a week, so his suffering may be short-lived.