Staff member at James Boys Ranch in Morgan Hill tests positive for COVID-19

A staff member at the James Boys Ranch in Morgan Hill has tested positive for coronavirus, according to an email from the Santa Clara County Probation Division Manager sent on Friday. 

The email, obtained by KTVU, said that the staff member last worked in Bravo-Pod and as a result, the boys in that B-Pod will be moved temporarily to G-Pod so that their pod can get deep cleaned.

The email was sent by Probation Division Manager Jill M. Ulgalde, who was unavailable for immediate comment. 

Juvenile Rehabilitation Facilities officials said they are in direct communication with Dr. Sangeeta Aggarwal from Valley Medical Center and she has placed an order for all youth residing in B-Pod to be tested for Covid-19, which should occur within the next few hours or day.

Plus, Ulgalde said that the department is notifying staff who may have been in direct contact with this staff member with the last 48 hours.