Strangers help young girl's fairy tale come true in Burlingame

In one Burlingame neighborhood, a fairy tale came true this week.

Zoa Chall, 3, had one of her favorite possession stolen last Tuesday from her front yard - a fairy house. 

"Zoa was bummed out. She loves her fairy house. Plays with it every day. So for her to come home and find it destroyed, it really did make her sad," her mother Davina Chall said.

The girl's mother attached a note to the tree written to those responsible for the vandalism.

" The note said whoever broke this fairy house, you also broke a 3-year-old's heart," Davina Chall said.

The neighborhood postal carrier Corey Lamb saw the note.

"Seeing that letter that the little girl had her heart broken was a call to action for me," he said.

Lamb offered to replace it. But Zoa's parents said they would. So Lamb and his family wrote a note for Zoa and included were three beans.

"We wrote a letter about the big bad wolf blowing the house down. And to get the new house she needs to plant the three beans near the tree," said Lamb.

By then a teacher, Katy Grannell, who was walking in the neighborhood, decided to order a new fairy house for Zoa on Amazon. Grannell who does not know Zoa or her family said she wanted to be anonymous.
 But Zoa's mother saw Grannell attaching a note to the tree.

"I just wrote a note saying the fairies are working hard to build another one.," the woman said.

So Zoa planted the three beans. On Monday the new house arrived. Just like in a child's fairy tale.

"We hear a lot of sad news and depressing news. This is just a sweet story. I feel we all need a little more of these sweet stories in our lives," said Davina Chall.