Students hold rally in support of teacher under investigation

Dozens of people gathered today to sign a petition in support of a San Francisco teacher under investigation.

The group came to St. Anthony of Padua Church in the Mission District, where 47-year-old Andres Tovar is a member of the congregation.

He's accused of holding a student over a second story balcony at the school earlier this year. 

Several of Tovar's former students signed the petition today to show their support for him. Many say the allegations against him seem out of character.

One former student described him as a dedicated teacher who taught her her how to read and write. 

Fatima Arevalo says, "He took his time, during recess to teach me. He was like a father figure to me, he still is a father figure to me".

Tovar was arrested for for felony child endangerment and abuse. He's on leave while the San Francisco school district conducts an investigation into the incident on the balcony.