Surveillance video captures moments before UPS truck robbery in San Jose

KTVU has obtained surveillance video of the moments leading up to a UPS truck robbery.

San Jose police are searching for multiple suspects believed responsible for at least three robberies of United Parcel Service trucks, while the driver was making deliveries.

Home surveillance video obtained by KTVU shows an ill-fated UPS truck and driver moments before one of the crimes around 6:40 p.m. Tuesday in San Jose’s Oak Grove neighborhood. Police investigators say two men – one of whom is armed— approached, demanded the driver open the doors, and then stole boxes destined for delivery.

“It’s not just happening here. It’s happening all over. And how this young generation is so thieving,” said neighbor Ramona Perez. 

San Jose police believe the same duo is responsible for similar crimes on Wednesday night near Sand Point Drive and Quimby Road in East San Jose. 45 minutes after that, in the area of War Admiral Avenue and Snow Drive. In Each case, the suspects grabbed their ill-gotten goods and made their escape in a black Honda sedan.

“I have kids that go to middle school out here. I mean, it can happen anywhere, but you never like to hear that it’s happening close to your home,” said neighbor Dennis King.

UPS management sent a statement about the crimes, saying in part the company, “takes a multilayered approach to security…We work with local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities…” Executives would not say if the targeted drivers were taking a leave of absences, or were back on the job.

Some neighbors say porch thieves have become commonplace in many communities, prompting the installation of security cameras on many homes. But armed robbery of a delivery truck while on its route may signal a new trend.

“It’s not a big surprise. We had some packages disappearing some months ago. We noticed some of our UPS stuff was disappearing, so I’m not sure if they started and worked their way up or if it’s a new person. But we’ve definitely had issues with packages,” said neighbor Kevin Roessler.

San Jose police are asking people to stay on the lookout for the suspect’s vehicle— a dark   colored Honda sedan. You can contact the department’s Robbery Unit to provide a tip.