Surveillance video: Martinez bar vandalized, burgled soon after grand opening

There was a setback for a women-owned business that just celebrated its grand opening. Less than two days after it opened in downtown Martinez, a thief was quick to vandalize and steal from the business.

Surveillance video showed a man vandalizing Bentley's, a new mobile bar. 

Early Sunday morning, he's seen tampering with what the business owners said are the water line and internet connection. A short while later, he's seen entering Market & Main, a venue owned by the same people. The thief wheeled out items he's suspected of stealing.  

"It's really damaging. It's really, really hurtful and damaging to the business honestly," said Krystal Endsley, co-owner of Bentley's and Market & Main.

 Her partner, Malena Clegg, said the man also stole expensive power tools. She said the shed was locked but the thief broke in.

The two women co-own the mobile bar and Market & Main, a venue space that houses multiple vendors.

They said Bentley's had just celebrated its grand opening on Friday and they describe it as a success.

But they said the vandalism is a setback.

"It's just so discouraging to have somebody do that to you. We're not understanding why. Why?" said Clegg. 

The cleanup and repairs to the bar caused a delay in opening for business. 

The mobile bar was constructed by Endsley and her boyfriend from a shipping container. 

The two made the repairs necessary to reopen by Sunday afternoon.

The owners hoped their innovative idea of a mobile bar will succeed despite what happened.

"It's an out-of-the-box concept that Martinez has never seen. It's fun. It's different. You can have it right outside. Who doesn't like a nice cocktail outside?" said Endsley.

The owners said they're grateful that there were many people who came out Sunday to support their business after what happened.  

They said they hope police catch the suspect soon so he won't do the same to another business. 

KTVU reached out to Martinez police but did not air back by deadline.

To help with expenses, the owners have set up a GoFundMe. 

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