Surveillance video of latest Mineta International Airport security breach released

The video from the March 31st incident was released at the request of the media, but pre-approved and edited by the TSA.

"They have reviewed all the information," explained airport spokeswoman, Rosemary Barnes. "What we're sharing with you is what the TSA has approved for us to distribute."

The surveillance recording shows 20-year old Deanna Predoehl walking along the fence on the outside. Another clip shows her inside the airfield at the south end. The TSA did not allow the airport to release anything that showed the actual fence breach.

"It's important that we learn from each of these security incidents," explained Barnes. "And we're making progress with security here at the airport."

Mineta San Jose is in the middle of a month-long project to raise the height of the fence at the southwest corner of the airfield. It sits in a highly visible area, across from a shopping center and the new soccer stadium.

"It's good for the security, but not good for getting clean shots of the planes for video on YouTube," lamented a man named Miguel. He said he brings his daughter, Alexandra, to the airfield once a week to watch the planes take off and land, and take video of it.

The airport is hoping to get $9 million in funding from the FAA to upgrade the fence around the entire perimeter, as well as add high tech security improvements like motion detectors and improved surveillance systems.