Surveillance video shows Florida teen stealing assault rifle, other items from police car

A 16-year-old teen turned himself in Thursday after surveillance video caught him stealing an assault rifle and other items from a police car parked outside of a Florida home. 

Pembroke Pines police released the video that showed Christopher Clarke’s face and it has since circulated heavily. Family and friends urged Clarke to turn himself in.

He appeared in court on Friday where he was seen smiling and flipping off a news camera, reports Local 10 News.

Clarke, 16, had no bags, nothing to conceal the stolen property during the theft. After rummaging through the front seat, he took to the trunk, and casually walked towards the residential street with full hands and a rifle strapped over his shoulder. 

Police are still looking for the stolen property. In addition to the firearm, Clarke swiped a Taser and a tactical vest.