Suspect in Antioch arrested after standoff; officer suffers head injury

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A standoff in Antioch ended early Tuesday morning following an hours-long standoff with a police over a dispute that happened with a neighbor, according to authorities and a neighbor.

The man, 32, was booked into the Contra Costa County Jail about 2 a.m. after barricading himself inside a home more than five hours. Residents were allowed inside their homes about 4 a.m.

Margaret Skupa told KTVU that her brother-in-law had a fight with the suspect and the suspect's father just before police were called about 8 p.m. on Monday in the 4500 block of Deerfield Drive.

"He was speaking with the father next door regarding something that was left in his mailbox by his son," Skupa said. "And the son came out and got angry about the fact that he was sharing with his father something that he had done. And then he pulled a gun on my brother in law.”  

During the standoff, the suspect shot one of the officers, striking him in the head, according to a police  press release. The officer was treated and released with minor injuries. There was initial confusion whether the officer was shot or assaulted, and police had said both things earlier in the evening.

A massive law enforcement presence of around two dozen officers descended on the residential neighborhood. An armored police tactical vehicle rolled down the streets, accompanied by several K9 units.

A freelance photographer captured some of the SWAT activity in progress. Several law enforcement agencies helped too, including officers from California Highway Patrol, Walnut Creek, Brentwood and East Bay Regional Parks. Some had their sasault rifles drawn and wore bulletproof vests. 

A woman who lives in the area said she heard yelling. She thought she heard an officer say, "Come out with your hands up."