Suspect in custody after officer involved shooting in San Jose

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A woman with bloody hands emerged from a home on the 800 block of Feller Avenue Monday afternoon, more than an hour after an altercation led to an officer-involved shooting in East San Jose.

Police Chief Eddie Garcia is expected to make a statement at 2p.m. Tuesday about what led to the incident which shut down the streets around the house for more than seven hours. 

"When we heard the pop, we knew it was a shot. We knew it was a shot because it was very loud," said Sandy Sanchez, a neighbor. 

Residents say they heard a gunshot about 3:20 Monday afternoon.

The officer-involved shooting drew dozens of San Jose police vehicles to the neighborhood. They blocked off nearby streets and a tactical team surrounded the house where the woman had retreated.

A little more than an hour later, from SkyFox2  you could see a woman emerge, her hands bloody and held out above her head.

Police turned her around while other officers walked past her checking to see if anyone else was inside. Police say there were no other suspects. 

Police say the woman was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, but did not say if they were from an officer's shot, self-inflicted or accidental.

Neighbors coming home from work had to wait outside in the cold for hours while investigators examined the scene

"My mom's not able to get in yet so she's very worried. This is usually a very quiet street so this is a surprise to us all," said Gabi Reyes, a neighbor.

Some say the woman in the house would often walk around the neighborhood with her dog.

"She kind of keeps to herself, the interactions we've had have been pleasasant but I don't ever remember any issue with her," said Reyes.

Internal affairs and San Jose's independent police auditor Aaron Zisser were also at the scene. The auditor says they will review the police investigation if any community member lodges a complaint and within 90 days, police will hold a shooting review panel. 

"What are the training or policy, or equipment issues that could be reviewed and revised to prevent shootings from happening again," said Zisser.