Suspect shoots at Fairfield officer's windshield; police fire back

Fairfield police said they fired at a man whom they say shot at an officer's patrol vehicle, shattering its windshield and narrowly missing the officer.

The man, identified as Patrick Hall, fired at officers a second time during a chase, police said.

Officers returned fire about 10 p.m. Sunday, and struck Hall. 

He did not die and was taken to the hospital. Police said he is expected to live, and no officers were injured.

The shooting began when police tried to stop Hall in the 3000 block of N. Texas Street.

Police did not say why they stopped him. 

Hall wouldn't stop, police said, and led police on a chase.

Hall shot at the officer's windshield during the chase.

The pursuit would up in Vallejo, where police said they were able to puncture the tires with a spike strip, where Hall's car ended up stopping. 

The Solano County Major Crimes Task Force is investigating the case.