Sutter's CPMC Van Ness Campus a one-stop shop for health care needs

Sutter's California Pacific Medical Center Van Ness Campus hospital, opened its doors three months ago--a state-of-the-art facility, but right across the street, a new $1.2 billion, 10-story medical office building has just opened, making for a new crown jewel in the Bay Area's hospital and medical industry. 

The 250,000 square-foot, multi-specialty office building serves as an integrated outpatient services facility. 

“So, it really helps, in terms of having, for a patient, having all the sub-specialists being able to collaboratively work together to serve our patients all on that one floor,” said California Pacific Medical Center’s (CPMC) Dr. Kelvin Lam. 

Patients' needs can now be done under one roof and in some cases, on one floor of the multi-story building. 

“We can walk down the hall and we can talk to colleagues, we can brainstorm about how to treat the patient and so the patient doesn't have to travel from place to place,” said Sutter-CPMC Neurologist, Dr. David King-Stephens.

There are more than 120 physicians and clinicians on-site serving out patients.

“The majority of the care is delivered on the outpatient side,” said Dr. Lam. 

One patient agrees, “It creates a good impression on the patients to see all the facilities are there. Everything is new, so it helps mentally with that,” said neurology patient Nishid Shah.

By floor, the new office offers clusters of specialties and specialists. The sixth floor is dedicated to brain and nerve neurosciences. The fifth floor, dedicated to all issues dealing with the heart. The fourth floor has everything for women's health and reproduction. The third floor: all things having to do with transplants. Second floor: CT and MRI imaging as well as blood work and issues.

“Having brand new equipment, state of the art, it's great; the best possible scenario,” said Dr. King-Stephens.

There's a six-level underground parking facility with almost 400 parking spaces, in a part of the city lacking in surface parking. The whole complex is together by a 125-foot tunnel under Van Ness for staff and escorted patients.