SWAT team member dressed as Batman surprises patients at children’s hospital, rappelling down side of building

Patients at a children’s hospital in Toledo, Ohio got a surprise visit from Batman on Wednesday when a SWAT team member dressed as Gotham’s Dark Knight rappelled down the side of the building.

The Toledo Police Department posted a video on their Facebook page saying that members of its SWAT unit took to the skies to help make a rainy day sunny for the children. 

“For the sixth year in a row, members of the SWAT Team rappelled from the roof of the hospital to surprise the children dressed as their favorite super heroes,” wrote the police department. 


A SWAT team member for the Toledo Police Department surprised patients at a children's hospital by dressing as Batman, rappelling down the side of the building.

The video shows the officer hanging in a harness waving to dozens of children who are screaming excitedly, “Hey Batman!” 

It wasn’t just the children who were excited to see the caped crusader. The video has since garnered thousands of likes with hundreds of people commenting praise for the heartwarming interaction. 

“Thank you to all members of the SWAT team for doing this for the children,” one person wrote. “You made their day and filled my heart.”