Sweet, howling pup abandoned in parking lot finds new hope

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She sat there and howled. For days on end, she stood in the same spot in which she was abandoned by her owners. She howled, and waited for them to return. They never did.

The video of the howling pup was shared many times over in Memphis Tennessee after Mary Murphy stopped and recorded the dog as she came out of the local Sam's Club store.

According to Kimberly Slown of the Arrow Dog Rescue, Murphy went back into the store to alert employees that the dog was there. The store said that it was aware of the dog, and that it had been there almost a week.

Murphy sent Slown the video to post on social media in an attempt to get the dog's owner's attention. It caught more attention of people wanting to give her home, more than her original owners. They never responded to the video.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Murphy said she returned every day after work to try and coax the dog into leaving with her. She would bring food with her. After several visits, she was able to capture the dog.

The howling pup was named Samantha, or Sam for short.

She has been placed in a foster home by Arrow Dog Rescue, and is said to be formally adopted by her foster family in the next two weeks.