Tahoe area suspects arrested for armed robbery after San Francisco's Portola Music Festival

SFPD arrests man accused of assaulting 70-year-old Greg Chew.

Two suspects connected to an armed robbery during last weekend's Portola Music Festival in San Francisco were arrested, police say. 

Police said two victims were robbed at gunpoint with an "AR type rifle" while they were waiting for a rideshare after the concert at 3rd Street and Burke Avenue. 

San Francisco Police Department managed to track and recover a victim's discarded phone on the street. Police said about an hour after the robbery, a Tenderloin officer spotted the suspect vehicle on the 700 block of Ellis. The suspects were then detained. 

Police recovered the rifle and stolen property. The two suspects were identified as Brandon Norling, 34, and Lucas Angier, 28. Both men are from the Lake Tahoe-Tahoe City area. They were both booked and are facing multiple felony robbery and weapons charges, SFPD said. 

This was the latest in a string of bad publicity connected to the music festival, organized by Goldenvoice, which debuted this year. The other headlines were about how excessively loud the music was, reportedly heard across the Bay in Alameda, and claims of poor crowd management. Festival organizers never got back to KTVU about the criticism. 

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