After 3 years, San Francisco police complete 11% of 272 reforms

 Much of the delay, Chief Bill Scott said, was because of the Trump administration's withdrawal from the process. Under President Donald Trump, who was elected just after the Justice Department issued its recommendations, the administration no longer aids police departments seeking reforms.

Homeless laws in California and Bay Area explained

In California, there are hundreds of “anti-homeless” laws. Although there is nothing that specifically bans or restricts homelessness, cities in the Golden State have created nearly a thousand codes and ordinances that experts and homeless advocates argue disproportionately affect unsheltered people.

Benefit held for SFPD officer injured on bicycle

Hundreds of San Francisco police officers, as well as people from the community gathered Wednesday night for a benefit for an injured officer. The charitable event at Bill Graham Auditorium has been the sight of countless social events, but few have both celebrated and supported an injured officer.