Tanforan mall shooting heroes honored for their brave actions

Today, the soldiers who rushed to the aid of the gunshot victims at the Tanforan Mall shooting were honored in a special ceremony.

They say they're not heroes, simply soldiers doing their jobs.

Still today, colleagues took the time to honor two men who ran toward danger, not away from it.  

Capt. Richard Chapman, the South Bay recruiting company commander says, "I couldn't be more proud of my soldiers."  

Staff Sgt. Isaiah Locklear and Staff Sgt. Michael Marl were working at the U.S. Army recruiting office when shots rang out at the Tanforan Mall.  

Locklear ran to a 16-year old who was injured and pleading for help.  

Locklear says, "He said I've been shot. I ran straight to him, started assessing him, seeing he was shot in the stomach, so started taking off my shirt, applying pressure to the stomach."  

Marl tended to a 12-year old who had been shot in the leg.

Police believe the gunfire was targeted.  

"Our job is not to run out. So honestly we train for this kind of stuff. So you just kind of blank out to be honest, tunnel vision. And you just go do what you have to do," said Marl.  

Also honored today, a young recruit who just happened to be in the office when the shootout went down.

Specialist Mariel Young hasn't been to basic training yet, but she ran to help her recruiters as soon as she saw it was safe.  

Young says, "...all of the former training I had as a lifeguard and as an EMT just kind of naturally set in. And I just knew what I needed to do."  

Each of the three were given a certificate of commendation and a challenge coin.

Staff Sgt. Marl received his wearing a polo shirt, since his uniform was still stained with blood.  

Marl says, "afterwards is when you really think about it and it sinks in a little bit."  

His thoughts are not about the risk he took or the life he saved, but that the recognition was unnecessary.  

He says, "Actually a little too much attention. I'm not used to it."