Teen genius becomes youngest freshman ever at Florida college

While many teenagers her age are gearing up for high school, a Florida girl, not even old enough to drive, is getting ready for a new start as a college student.

Danielle Carson is now the youngest freshman ever at Florida's Stetson University.

The math genius was solving college-level equations in elementary school, when other students her age were figuring out addition.

Her mother said teachers couldn't keep up with her daughter and schools didn't know what to do with her, so she was forced to home school her child.

The teen is looking forward to her new life as a college student.

"It's really nice being with other students. I can finally get the education I'm supposed to be getting with other people," Danielle said.

After earning a bachelor's degree, Danielle said she hopes to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a Ph.D. and eventually go into engineering or physics.