Teenage boy shot in leg while riding Muni bus, SFPD investigating

San Francisco police are looking for whoever fired at least one shot at a Muni bus on Treasure Island Tuesday night, injuring a 16-year-old boy on board.

For the most part Treasure Island is a relatively quiet community, but that quiet was shattered overnight by gunfire. San Francisco police say shortly after 11 p.m. Tuesday, a number 25 Muni bus stopped at the intersection of Northpoint and Gateview and at least one shot was fired. 

The round pierced the side of the bus, and hit the boy in the leg. 

"It appears as if the shot came from outside and penetrated one of the bus walls and struck the victim," said Officer Robert Rueca from San Francisco Police Department.

Emergency responders transported the boy to the hospital. He is expected to survive.

The bus remained at the scene as numerous calls for help went out. Officers say the boy was not the only person on the bus, but was the only one hit. "The number of shots that were fired is still under investigation," said Officer Rueca. "At this time we've only found evidence that one shot was fired and that shot struck the victim while on the bus."

San Francisco police say they are looking at whether the teen was the intended target or if this was a random shooting, but say at this time there is no reason to believe someone is targeting people riding the bus. "This appears to be random," said Officer Rueca. "And if we receive information that the victim was targeted we may reach out and provide that information to the public."

Police say they are looking for anyone who may have witnessed the shooting or anyone who has video. At this point there is no word on a suspect description.