That Kid's Got Game: 6-year-old football player catches LeBron James' attention

By now you’ve probably watched the young football player with Barry Sanders-like moves repeatedly juke kids his size and seemingly his age. The video exploded online. But just how much?

LeBron James left the kid a comment and he led with a perfect “Sheesh” on the caption. As far as the relationship goes between a non-professional athlete and social media, receiving props by James on your game is basically the pinnacle.


And the kid's just six years old. 

Meet Rudolph “Blaze” Ingram. His abs are better than yours and he’s a ruthless ankle breaker. He’s this week’s talent on That Kid’s Got Game

Mobile users watch Blaze here

The young prodigy from Tampa, Florida has an Instagram profile ran by his father. And yeah it shows really cool stuff, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers inviting him out to train with the team. But it also shows the behind the scenes, where Blaze relentlessly puts in work. Whether it’s too much for his age is surely a debatable topic.But regardless of what side you fall on, you can’t deny his physical abilities.

Because those extra hours show. Blaze looks like a man among boys when playing flag football. His ability to cut and come to a halting stop before changing directions and motoring away from the defender is truly impressive. It’s the kind of athletic ability you watch and think to yourself: this kid has something most don’t. 

His Instagram – with over 100,000 followers – says he’s a three-time AAU All American in track and field, 100-meter national champion, fitness model and “Heisman Winner.” 


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