That Kid's Got Game: 8-year-old trick shot golfer hits apple off younger sister's head

An eight-year-old from England added a new stunner to his already healthy-stock of impressive golfing trick shots, but this one required complete trust from his 6-year-old sister. 

Freddie Wilcock and his sister Sara recreated a 700-year-old story when Freddie blasted an apple of his Sara’s head from just feet away. Watching Freddie Wilcock’s trick shots leaves many viewers with two questions: Is Freddie that accurate? Or does his family believe in him that much? Well, it’s both. 

“Sara [Freddie’s sister] absolutely adores him and would do anything for him,” said Matt Wilcock, father of the two kids from Culcheth in Warrington, England. “They’re always playing together and trust each other completely. You can see on his Instagram page he’s very accurate with his shots.”

Freddie is this week’s talent on That Kid’s Got Game, because he’s fearless with a golf club and looks like he never forgets to have fun while playing. The shot was a recreation of the legend of William Tell, which states that Tell shot an apple off his son’s head on Nov. 18, 1307. The myth is a symbol of marksmanship. And with this shot, what’s amazing is Freddie and his sister nailed it on just their second attempt. The first one narrowly sailed over the top of the apple.

Mobile users watch Freddie's TKGG highlight reel here

Matt Wilcock said his son has been playing golf “basically since he could walk.” Freddie was on the European Junior Tour when he was six, where he won his age category and finished 6th out of all competitors under 11. 

Wilcock added that, while Freddie could consider himself a golfer who does trick shots, and not the other way around, right now they’re just having fun creating videos for his Instagram followers.

“We have decided to focus more on enjoyment and skills, so the trick shots are a way of keeping it fun and working on these skills,” said Freddie’s dad, who noted his son recreated professional golfer Phil Mickelson’s over the head shot. “There is plenty of time for competition as he gets older.”


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