That Kid's Got Game: Brentwood 2-year-old 'fearless' at skate park

A young, BMX-biking boy dropped into this week’s slot on That Kid’s Got Game just three months after rolling down his first ramp at a Brentwood skate park.

And he’s only two years old. Noah Ryan got himself a Strider Balance Bike in June this year and by July parents at the local skate park were asking how old he is while observing the fearless youngster approach concrete ramps.   

“It’s hard. He’s my baby and the big ramp scares me half to death. He’s only 26 pounds and he’s not that tall either,” said Noah’s mother, Rainbow LaMunyon. “He’s this little guy out there and some parents can’t believe how good he is.”

Mobile users watch Noah at the skate park here

Well, he certainly passes the eye-test to the casual observer. Height and weight are somewhat void when a kid his age already has so much confidence on two wheels. Noah’s clearly comfortable and undoubtedly fearless. Plus, he’s insistent.

“Like right now, he’s outside riding his bike,” said LaMunyon, moments after Noah “threw a fit” because he was ready to ride. “A little obsessive, but he loves it.”

Noah got his nudge to ride from his father, who, along with Noah’s older brother, rides as well. LaMunyon says her two-year-old son’s skills took off quickly. And when a trip to the skate park is on his mind, like if they plan on going the following day, Noah is totally dialed in.

“Skate park?” he’ll ask his mom first thing in the morning, which is usually around 7 a.m.

The Strider bike, which has no pedals, has been a useful tool for Noah. It allows him to focus on balancing and steering – clearing the way to confidently move around a park designed for older athletes. But he’s outgrowing it quick and the family is looking to upgrade. 

Described as a ball of energy, Noah has lately been eager to drop into the biggest bowls at the Brentwood skate park. His mom says he even gets upset when they tell him not yet. He’ll get there, though – probably before kindergarten at this rate.  


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