That Kid's Got Game: 'Future splash brother' overcomes adversity, brings joy to viewers

You can’t watch Korbin Jackson’s videos without getting equally as hyped as he is. 

The three-year-old trick shot titan is important to the trick shot sphere, as he reminds everyone just how fun it is. Korbin is a wizard with a ping pong ball and it has landed him on That Kid’s Got Game. And you want to talk about game, about battling through adversity? This kid endured over two years of physical therapy as an infant.

“Sitting up, crawling and walking were all things he had to work hard to achieve,” said Stephanie Jackson, Korbin’s mom. “He has severe scoliosis and infant torticollis in his neck.”

And now he’s putting his raw, unfiltered celebrations on display for all to see. 

Plus, how could we not feature a kid with game that opens up his clip with “future splash brother?” Korbin is from Dothan, Alabama and he’s a big Steph Curry and Klay Thompson fan. He first saw Curry on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and he has been following him ever since. Under Armour even sent Korbin a pair of Curry’s signature shoes. 

But Korbin’s trick shots actually began with a soccer ball in December of 2016. His grandpa gave him a soccer goal with a moving target and shortly after his father noticed how accurate he was – his father does trick shots, too. From there Korbin would watch videos online and try similar variations. 

And he gets so much joy out of the videos he makes, his mom said. It’s certainly not hard for viewers to pick up on that notion. She adds that Korbin loves to see the positive comments people leave.

“The fact that people enjoy watching him motivates him,” she said. “And a pack of fruit snacks also helps.”

Korbin also has Duane syndrome in both his eyes. Stephanie Jackson said they travel four hours every six months to see his doctors in Atlanta. One trip Children’s Hospital in Atlanta actually led to Korbin meeting the Harlem Globetrotters. He actually visited their headquarters and shot a video with them. 

“He shows us parents, and his fans, every day that anything is possible with hard work, patience and perseverance,” she said. 

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