That Kid's Got Game: Trick shooting toddler makes multiple baskets from second-story window

Oh, that trick shot from a three-year-old was a fluke? Well, here’s five in a row from a toddler that sources Michael Jordan as inspiration. 

Calvin Shannon’s basketball shooting stroke stands out in a big way, from a second-story sling to making shots at 13 months old, the kid has serious skills. And he’s this week’s talent on That Kid’s Got Game.

With roots in Columbus, Ohio, the toddler became fascinated with his baby basketball hoop when he was just seven months old, at a time when he was barely sitting up. He’s been obsessed since then, creating videos that have gone viral and received retweets by high profile athletes, including Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot. 


Video shows Calvin draining five shots in row from a second-story window. He appears to be so comfortable with his shot, displaying consistent form that allows him to make consecutive baskets. Calvin’s dad acknowledges his “natural shooting ability” as what separates him from other young kids with trick shot videos. 

“It’s almost like he is hypnotized shooting and his muscle memory has developed so much to be accurate each time,” Mike Shannon said.  

And most of the shot ideas are drawn up by Calvin himself, his dad said, adding that Calvin will watch an entire Michael Jordan documentary but won’t watch cartoons. Space Jam is his favorite movie. He watches basketball with supreme focus and studies vigilantly. Reminder: he’s three. Calvin also gets ideas from Dude Perfect, a YouTube trick shot powerhouse with over 30 million subscribers. 

Both Calvin’s mother and father played sports, adding to the pleasure they experience when watching their son demonstrate such passion. 

“When he makes a shot it brings him so much joy,” Mike Shannon said. “As a parent, it’s so rewarding to see him so happy and proud of what he’s doing.” 

It’s common for children to go through phases. Shannon acknowledged this to illustrate Calvin’s “obsession” with basketball, noting that his interest has not wavered since he was just seven months old. 

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