‘The cutest zebra’: American Bully dog in creative Halloween costume steals internet’s hearts

A small kennel in Dallas, Texas, stole the internet’s hearts after posting a video of one of their American Bully dogs dressed up as a zebra, which quickly went viral. 

“The cutest zebra there is!" wrote The Bully District kennel on their Instagram. 

“We had fun with the Halloween costumes this year for sure!” the kennel added. 

Dozens of users commented praise for what’s possibly the year’s most lovable costume. “She’s like ‘really mom, really?’ Lol! Cutest doggie costume I ever did see!" wrote one person. 

The video, which garnered thousands of views, shows the adorable Bully with stripes and wearable zebra ears. 

“Come here zebra girl!” says the woman filming the dog, as the adorable pooch can be seen posing for the camera, looking slightly unamused and eventually shaking off the zebra ears in charming defiance. 


'The cutest zebra' photographed by The Bully District shows off creative Halloween costume. (The Bully District)