'The Masked Singer': Bobby Brown’s ‘magical’ turn as Crab left 1 FOX Super 6 user swimming in cash

In a super-sized, two-hour, double-elimination episode of "The Masked Singer" Wednesday, Crab and Seashell were scuttled, but the sinking of the pair from the competition left one FOX Super 6 player swimming in cash.

The Crab, who performed Phil Collins’ "In the Air Tonight" turned out to be legendary singer, songwriter and rapper Bobby Brown.

"It was magical just being part of the cast, being a part of the whole production," Brown told FOX Television Stations. "Me and my kids — we watch it religiously — every Wednesday. I decided that it would be something good for me to get out of the house and do something productive, and ‘The Masked Singer’ allowed me to do that."

Brown shared that he was glad he competed on the show for his kids.


Bobby Brown was revealed as Crab on Wednesday night's new episode on FOX. (Credit: FOX)

"They guessed me several times during the three weeks that I was on there. But last night was the kicker where they actually saw that it was me, and they jumped all over me," Brown, who was married to the late superstar singer Whitney Houston, said.

Brown called his experience on the show "therapeutic" after experiencing heartbreaking tragedy in recent years.

The rapper’s 21-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown died in 2015, and his son Bobby Brown Jr., 29, was found dead in November.

"I always think about them when I am performing or doing anything. This was therapeutic for me to be able to just release and do something out of the box and just have some fun — step out of being Bobby, step out of moping around, and do something really productive and fun," Brown shared. 

As for who will take home the winning trophy at the end, Brown said he is conflicted.

"I’m looking at the Swan and also the Robot Porcupine," Brown said.

Each week, viewers are given the chance to correctly predict six questions related to the episode on the FOX Super 6 app — and in return, fans can win big bucks.

And one lucky fan is now swimming in cash after Wednesday night’s reveal.

Shane from Maryland surfaced as the lucky winner of $10,000.

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Questions this week included, "Will the panel see Cluedle Doo in person tonight?" "Which character has a rap battle with Rita Wilson?" and "Who is going to be unmasked on Wednesday night?"

Twenty percent of participants were able to correctly guess that Crab, later revealed as Brown, would be the contestant to be sent home.

"It was so much fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly," Brown shared.

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