'These look nothing like the smile we rehearsed': Little boy's school pictures do not go as planned

(Facebook: Amber McFadden)

School pictures is cue to bring your best smile.

At least that is what Amber McFadden tried to practice with her 3-year-old son, Landon White.

The day before his pre-K school pictures, McFadden had the little guy rehearse his smile. She even tested him the day of, and surely enough he delivered on cue.


(Facebook: Amber McFadden)

But the outcome was a bit different from the picture perfect smile McFadden expected.

In four photos shared to Facebook, Landon blankly stares into the camera, sans smile—in all fairness, he did smirk in one of the poses. 

Ariel Raine, McFadden’s sister, shared the hilariously adorable screenshots on Twitter, which quickly picked up steam.

She wrote: "So my sister had been preparing my nephew for his school pictures in advance this year. This was the outcome. I’ve been screaming all day."

At the publication of this article the tweet has over 49,000 shares and thousands of heartfelt comments.