Thief snatches dozens of iPhones from California Apple store

In a viral video, a suspect is seen snatching dozens of iPhones from their ports with a police car parked right outside Emeryville's Apple store in broad daylight.

A suspect dressed in all black with red shoes was seen ripping the $1,000 phones from their tethers and shoving them down their pants as onlookers steered clear of their path. 

The video continues with the thief walking out the door and directly past an Emeryville police car. That cop car however, was a vacant bait car meant to deter criminal behavior. In this case, the phone snatcher jogged to a nearby black Hyundai Elantra.

It's unclear if the suspect was working with anyone else or was alone.

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The incident occurred Monday on Bay Street. This particular store had been closed and recently opened shortly after Christmas for renovations, not related to crime.