Thieves overtake San Francisco pawn shop, shoot 77-year-old man

San Francisco police investigators are looking for a group of armed men who stormed into and robbed a pawn shop-- shooting a 77-year-old man in the process.

Police say on Friday, four men burst into Mission Jewelry and Loan at 2318 Mission Street at 5:20 p.m.

Police are only releasing a few details- -that a group of men were held up at gunpoint.
Neighbors are offering a lot more detail-- saying the robbers shot the victim multiple times in his hands, feet and backside. They say the robbers demanded that the men in the shop open a jewelry display case-- and then began firing.

"They ask the other guy to get on the floor because he tried to take the diamond rings,” said Narinder Anand, who works nearby at the House of Jeans. “He tried to show them but didn't get the chance because the gunshot the gun fire right away."

The elderly man was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries-- at this point there is no update on his condition. The two other men in the pawnshop were uninjured.

No word on exactly what the thieves managed to steal.

Witnesses say they ran from the scene-- one of them even ducking into a nearby clothing store-- changing his clothes to alter his appearance-- and ditching the gun in the changing room.

Witnesses say police found that weapon-- but are still looking for the suspects in this case.