Thieves steal from 11-year-old San Jose girl's family who escaped fire

Berlin Gomez Muniz hugs her dad after her Grandmother's home burned on Dec. 19, 2019

A San Jose family who survived a fire last week also had their car broken into as they were staying at a hotel with all their belongings, a relative said.

Erica Guero de la Terre said her brother, Daniel Muniz and his family, were staying at the San Jose Marriott near the McEnery Convention Center Saturday night on a Red Cross voucher.

When they came down from their room, they saw that their car window had been busted, and their clothing, some gift cards and a couple hundred dollars in cash were missing.

She said the family did not file a police report.

11-year-old girl saves family from fire

Two days prior, Muniz and his family, had been sleeping at his mother’s home in the 800 block of N. 19th Street when it burned in a house fire.

The family cat died, but no one was injured thanks to Muniz’s daughter, 11-year-old Berlin Gomez Muniz, who woke her family up and got them out safely.

Guero de la Torre said she is already thankful to all those who contributed to the family’s GoFundMe after the fire, and is not raising any more money because of the theft.

She just wanted to let people know what had happened and wished that her brother's family would not have to suffer any more unhappiness before Christmas. 

The 6th grader ran to wake up her sister and parents when she started to smell thick, black smoke filling her room just before 7 a.m. at her family home in the 800 block of N. 19th Street. Dec. 19, 2019