Thieves target popular boba shop in San Jose's Little Saigon twice in month

Thieves target a popular teahouse in San Jose’s Little Saigon neighborhood not once, but twice this month. To make matters worse, the owner is 39 weeks pregnant due a week from Monday.

Tea Lyfe is one three small businesses in the shops of Vietnam Town Plaza that were broken into Monday morning. The leasing office said nine break-ins have occurred in the past two months.

Security cameras capture a thief breaking into the Tea Lyfe cafe using what appears to be a hammer or something similar. Inside, he rummages through the Boba shop making off with two iPads and two tablets. The time stamp on the video shows it happened at 5:45 a.m. 

“My initial reaction is I ran into my room and I cried,” said Owner Candy Gomez Bui. “I was feeling very hopeless, very alone. I couldn't believe it was happening a second time.”

Back on April 5, a burglar stole a cash register with cash. She believes it's the same thief since he avoided the cameras. It couldn't happen at a worse time. She's pregnant with her third child.

“Obviously being pregnant I just want to take care of my baby and have a healthy delivery, I don't want to stress,” said Bui. “I just want to relax and enjoy my days.”

L’Amure Fashion in the same plaza was also burglarized. Someone took the cash register and broke the store's display cases stealing fashion jewelry worth hundreds of dollars.

Banh Cuon Saigon restaurant was also boarded up Monday. Jeff Vo is part of the plaza's leasing office. He said the complex is an easy target.

“It’s easy for them because not a lot of traffic perhaps early in the morning,” said Vo. “There's probably no one here and maybe because have a lack of security.”

The leasing office said the business association is now looking at 24-hour security alerting businesses to leave their lights on at night and take cash registers with them.

“I feel like we are a target especially in an Asian plaza because a lot of businesses do cash only,” said Bui. 

The Tea Lyfe owner is now thinking of hiring private security and plans to install metal gates to protect her business.