This California county is named the deadliest in DUI crashes of all in the U.S.

While fatal accidents involving drivers under the influence of alcohol and drugs are not unheard of throughout the U.S., the 10 top locations for deadly crashes with impaired drivers have been in the western states.

One California county takes the number one spot with almost half of deadly crashes involving drivers being inebriated, according to reports.

Humboldt County in Northern California saw that more than 40% of fatal crashes involved drivers who were under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication from 2017-21, according to research by Scott Vicknair Law Firm.

The personal injury lawyers pulled data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) that showed 40.43% of fatal crashes in the county in the five-year period involved drivers being intoxicated from a substance. 

Humboldt County is home to roughly 135,000 residents.

In the top 10 list by Scott Vicknair Law Firm, Amador County, also located in Northern California, took sixth place with 35.63% of fatal crashes involving intoxicated drivers.

The remaining counties on the list were located in Montana, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho.

"As the data suggests, this is more prevalent in some areas than others. Counties residing in Western states report particularly high rates of fatal car accidents involving drink and drug drivers, and account for each county in the top ten," said lawyer David Vicknair. "This could be due to higher general alcohol or drug usage, as well as other exacerbating factors that may make driving under the influence even more dangerous, such as road infrastructure, visibility issues and weather conditions." 

Northern California counties Calaveras (28.87%), Mendocino (26.92%), and Tehama (24.77%) also took 16th, 20th, and 30th place respectively on the list.

Madera County in California's Central Valley was also featured, with 24.79% of fatal crashes involving intoxicated drivers, placing the county 29th out of the top 30th. 

Only one southern California county was mentioned in the top 30 deadliest counties with DUI drivers; Ventura County at 25th place with 25.40% of drivers in fatal car accidents being inebriated from drugs, alcohol, or medication.