Trash piles up at San Francisco's Lands End amid government shutdown

As the 12th day of the partial government shutdown winds down the effects are starting to become more visible here in the Bay Area. One of the most visible sign of the shutdown is at Lands End where  the trash piling up.

Visitors from around the world come here for one of the most breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the trail that runs along Lands End.

"We love Land's End and the nature," said hiker Mark Philips. "We love to look for whales, birds, just have a beautiful hike, it's just great out here."

But, with the trail being part of the national parks the government shutdown is starting to impact the visitor experience. Parking lots are empty, with signs explaining how the partial government shutdown is impacting visitors.

The worst though piles of trash. Some left in parking lots some left piled next to overflowing trash cans with no staff on hand to clear it away.

"It's really disheartening because this place is a treasure," said hiker Kim Perez. "People come from around the world to see this view and Land's End especially, so when you come across this, you know, it's an embarrassment."

The trash situation has gotten so bad that the city of San Francisco stepped in, the Department of Public Works got word that the trash cans are overflowing and is sending crews to collect what they can from the trail head. Taking an extra step to keep the city beautiful.

"Normally it is under federal jurisdiction it is federal crews who are charged with keeping this clean," said Rachel Gordon from the Department of Public Works. "But, as long as there's this shutdown Public Works will come in, San Francisco, and see what we can do to help out with the situation."

The city said it will not be billing the federal government saying DPW crews that are already patrolling the city will simply pick up the trash.

KTVU did try to get in contact with the National Park Service to talk about this issue, but couldn't get a hold of anyone because of the ongoing shutdown.