Tree service companies bracing for busy few days

With several days of rain forecast to hit the Bay Area, public works teams and tree service companies are bracing for the likelihood of more downed trees across the region. 

Lingering effects of the recent drought have made current conditions a bit more unpredictable, according to the owner of Treemasters Tree Care in San Rafael. 

"We had a good 10 years of drought, which distressed the trees and weakened the trees," said Tad Jacobs, owner of Treemasters. "Last year we had really good rainfall that saturated the soil, and we had a lot more canopy growth on the trees than we have seen in the last 10 years. So now the trees are thicker and fuller and healthier, but don’t have as much stability as they should."

At the moment, Jacobs says it only takes a little wind, combined with rain and over-saturated soil to bring some trees down. Jacobs advised homeowners to be on the lookout for trees that have recently grown heavy canopies and could be prone to being blown over. 

Jacobs also advised, "An unhealthy canopy, that’s a sign that the root system is compromised." 

Other potential tree issues to check for include decay or recent cracks on the trunk or limbs, "and yes, if you have a tree that’s leaning substantially more than it was in the past." 

Jacobs says you should reach out to a professional if you notice these issues.