Truck fatally strikes skateboarder in South of Market neighborhood Tuesday afternoon

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A skateboarder died Tuesday in San Francisco when they were struck by a commercial truck in the South of Market neighborhood, police said. 

Police told KTVU that the truck was traveling down at the 100 block of 7th Street in the South of Market neighborhood at around noon and that someone had been injured. When police arrived, they found the skateboarder was badly injured. Medics later pronounced them dead.

SFPD said they began receiving calls of the incident around 12:15 p.m. about a skater who was struck on 7th Street between Howard and Mission streets. 

San Francisco's medical examiner confirmed the victim was 26-year-old Pablo Ramirez. Police said they are investigating reports that Ramirez was holding on to the back of one truck before falling onto the road and was then run over by a dump truck. 

"We are speaking with witnesses. We are also scouring the area for surveillance video to confirm those accounts," said SFPD Officer Robert Rueca. 

Thrasher Magazine tributed Ramirez in an Instagram post saying he was a "beautiful spirit, overlowing with love and unyielding energy." 

The San Francisco Department of Emergency asked the public to stay away from 7th and Mission streets because of police activity. The area has since cleared just before rush hour traffic.  

Police said the area is very busy with commercial vehicles, commuters, cyclists and pedestrians all traversing this area.

This happened about a block away from where a cyclist was killed on a Ford Plus electric bike a little over a month ago.