Two car crash in San Jose sends 5 juveniles to hospital

Five juveniles are in the hospital this morning after a two car crash in San Jose.

The man in the other vehicle says those juveniles stole his car. It happened at about 1:20 this morning.

The San Jose Fire Department says it got a call about a two car crash with multiple injuries on McLaughlin near Malott drive. Firefighters say once on scene they sent all of the young people in one car to the hospital.

The man in the other car refused treatment and was pretty angry when he explained what happened. He says, “Honestly all I know is my car got stolen. That's all I know. We started following him and once we started following he lost control swerving and driving like a maniac."

Captain brad Cloutier of the San Jose Fire Department confirmed, “two vehicles: one had one passenger the other one had five occupants, we believe they are all juveniles."

The extent of their injuries is not clear. San Jose police will be taking over the investigation to try to figure out exactly what happened.