UCSF launching effort to make clinical trials more accessble

For people fighting devastating diseases clinical trials can offer hope and a chance to get treatment which is on the cutting edge of medicine.
    But who has access, and how hard is it to get into one of these trials.
    This week is clinical trial awareness week.
    And we want to turn our attention to UCSF.
    Reasearchers there are right now in a three year study that aims to make clinical trials more accessible to underserved communities including low income patients and people of color.
    It's called Impact and it's a collobaration with USC and the Danville-based nonprofit "Lazarex Cancer Foundation" 
    Dr. Kim Rhoads, Director of the UCSF Office of Community Engagement, and Dana Dornsife, founder of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation were guests on Sunday's Mornings on 2.