UCSF med students produce, star-in impressive Ariana Grande inspired music video

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A group of students at UCSF medical school is demonstrating that their talents go way beyond their expertise in medicine and anatomy. 

Last week, a troupe of first-year medical students put out an impressive and wildly entertaining music video à la Ariana Grande's hit "7 Rings" from her "Thank U, Next" album.

From start to finish, the music video was written, directed, and produced by the group, who created it in an effort to encourage candidates accepted to the program to pick their school, as performers sing, "On the right track and you are up next. If you pick us then that's what you'll get."

The students are seen singing and busting out some serious dance moves dressed in scrubs and white doctor coats, some accessorizing with stethoscopes around their neck. 

The video includes beauty shots of the Parnassus Heights neighborhood where their campus is located.

In the song, the students acknowledge the competitive and rigorous process of getting to med school and try to sway candidates to choose UCSF: "You heard they talking, I know you're thinking, so much to learn, so overwhelming. We are pass-fail, we ain't competin'. You see it, it's worth it. MD's we got it..."

They also sing about the close knit community they've found in their fellow med students with the words, "The classmates so woke, we got a family so lit."

And the song includes their philosophy in practicing medicine with lyrics like: 

"Patients come first. We ain't in it for profit. We see injustice, gon' fight hard to stop it."

"Empathy is my business card, patients be setting the tone for me..."

In the catchy chorus, recruits are invited to join their team with the clever lyrics: "UCSF, you want it, you got it... You like white coats? Gee thanks, come get it. You see it, you like it, you want it, you got it."

The video ends with the students expressing their enthusiastic pride for their school, in a rousing chant of "UCSF! UCSF!"

Many who have viewed the video on Facebook have called the production "amazing!" 

Daryl Mangosing commented, "THIS IS PERFECTION." 

In a post, med student Jojo Kidane wrote, "Find yourself a top-ranked institution, but more importantly find yourself classmates that know how to get down!"

"Choosing a medical school can be hard," Avery Thompson told KTVU, "and this music video gave us the opportunity to really demonstrate our passion and our excitement to the incoming class!" the first year medical student added. 

The latest U.S. News and World Report ranks UCSF No. 3 in best medical schools under the category of primary care. It's ranked 5th for research.

And if there were a category for musical talent and dance performance, very little doubt the school would be ranked straight up at the top of that chart.